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Playing Disinfo Games: Part 3

Maxwell C. Bridges

2018-04-18 Go to Original

Part 3 pulled in all published and unpublished comments (& emails) from ~under~ this article (on the blog) ~into~ this article.

This re-published exchange? Our tax dollars at work?

Noteworthy are the writing standards, and the goals: against FGNW and against me.

Maxwell's Silver Hammer [1727]

9/11 FGNW Prima Facie Case

Maxwell C. Bridges

2018-02-11 Go to Original

When shopping around the 2016 version "Beyond Misinformation: 9/11 FGNW " to various websites and Facebook groups catering toward 9/11 discussions, a debater claimed as a distraction technique that I did not make the prima facie case that Fourth Generation Nuclear Weapons (FGNW). "A prima facie case is a cause of action or defense that is sufficiently established by a party's evidence to justify a verdict in his or her favor, provided such evidence is not rebutted by the other party."

Okay. With time and perspective, that 2016 version could be tightened and improved.

This 2018 article makes the prima facie case that Fourth Generation Nuclear Weapons (FGNW) were deployed in the annihilation of the World Trade Center (WTC) on 9/11.

Maxwell's Silver Hammer [1721]

FB: Paid Trolls and Agents

Maxwell C. Bridges

2017-12-31 Go to Original

My free time was limited in 2017, and my 9/11 passions were circumscribed much smaller. Still, towards the end of the year, I had the "pleasure" of engaging in 9/11 nuclear discussion in various forums, most of them were Facebook groups.

While it should be true that postulating the existence of FGNW, I offer the paid disinfo agents an attack point. In practice, it is not true. Nuclear 9/11 is the topic they are not allowed to talk about, period. They'll mock it, attack me, but they will never go into specifics, quote from one of my sources, and have a reasoned explanation for why it is wrong. Their attack point is limited to Dr. Gsponer only being able to write "speculative forward-looking" FGNW, not about what is current day state-of-the-art & operational.

In fact, this "nuclear discussion avoidance" is so wide-spread inside and outside 9/11 Truther camps that it becomes an anomaly it and of itself. Every where I went to have a reasoned and rational discussion -- disciplined by taking the high road, using respectful honorifics, substantiating my views, researching into their sources & discovering errors --, my discussion opponents went to greater and greater efforts not to. It is as if: "To even venture into my (Gsponer) source, validates it." So they don't go into it beyond mockery and flame wars, and they'd just as soon ban me.

The Elephant hobby-horse in the room that would become the hot-button issue to spread the truth like a California wild-fire is (as a starting point) sincere, rational, reasoned discussion of FGNW. The US government needed a threshold of civilian casualties to nudge the American public into supporting its global agenda. Well, 9/11 nuclear anything in the public consciousness is the threshold needed to change things on a large scale.

Maxwell's Silver Hammer [1719]

Beyond Misinformation: 9/11 FGNW

Maxwell C. Bridges

2017-12-22 Go to Original

This a corrected posting for 2017 about "Beyond Misinformation: 9/11 FGNW" and includes re-purposing of the blog discussions.

This is noteworthy for taking on the nano-thermite sacred cow.

Maxwell's Silver Hammer [1720]